Understanding UFC Titles: Do Fighters Keep Their Belts After Winning

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the pinnacle of mixed martial arts (MMA) competition. Most fighters dream of competing for the UFC title, but very few achieve that dream. Winning a UFC belt is not just about the prestige of being the best in the world at a particular weight class; it’s a symbol of dedication, hard work, and mastery of the sport. For many, it’s the realization of a lifelong dream.

Are UFC fighters allowed to keep their belt after a fight?

Yes, UFC fighters can keep their belts after winning them. Once a fighter wins a title, that belt becomes theirs to keep forever, regardless of future outcomes in the Octagon. However, if a champion loses in a title defense, they don’t lose their belt; instead, a new one is awarded to the incoming winner. This system explains why some fighters have multiple belts. For instance, if a soldier successfully defends their title numerous times, they receive a new strap for each victory, leading to a collection of championship belts.

UFC Belt System Explained

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is not just about the fighters and their battles inside the Octagon; it’s also about the symbols of supremacy they vie for. Over the years, the UFC belt, a mark of championship distinction, has undergone transformations that mirror the evolution of the sport itself. In this article, we explore the confusion of the UFC belt system and highlight its significance along the way.

Classic & Legacy Belt System

The Classic UFC belt system was the original design used to honor champions in the promotion. As early pioneers of the sport, Classic belts were more straightforward in design but held immense significance. In 2019, the UFC introduced the Legacy Belt system, a redesigned championship belt that not only symbolizes the achievement of the fighter but also pays homage to the history of the UFC. Each Legacy belt features plates representing different milestones and elements of the UFC’s history. Currently, the UFC uses the Legacy Belt system to award its champions, making it the active belt system in the promotion.

Is UFC Belt Made up of Real Gold?

The UFC championship belt is indeed a thing of beauty and value. It contains gold, but it’s not made of pure gold. The strap is crafted with gold-plated metal, ensuring its shine and luster. Over the years, the design of the UFC belt has evolved, with the Legacy belt being the latest iteration. This new design represents the rich history and evolution of the UFC as a premier MMA organization.

UFC Fighters with Most Championship Belts?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has seen many talented fighters grace the Octagon. Luminaries like Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, and Anderson Silva stood out as titans of the sport. Boasting impressive title defenses and, as a result, amassing multiple championship belts. However, the dynamic nature of MMA means that rankings and records are ever-evolving. 


In the world of mixed martial arts, the UFC championship belt represents excellence, dedication, and dominance. Fighters like Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, and Anderson Silva have left their marks in history with multiple belts. 2023 is looking bright with new contenders. There will be no surprise if Sean Strickland, Dustin Poirier, and Dricus Du Plessis win the belt in the coming year. Recently, they have shown promise. The journey to the belt is arduous, but the reward, both in terms of prestige and the tangible symbol of the belt, is worth every drop of sweat and blood.

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